Saturday, September 4, 2010

In or Out

It's as simple as ABC - in fact it's simpler (compared to 3 choices of alphabets, you only have two choices - in / out).

Yet it's so hard to make the decision.
In - go into it and do it wholeheartedly without thinking much of the other alternative pathway to runaway. Just Do It, as nike says. No matter how hard it is, all you need to do is to resolve all the obstables which hinder you move forward. In, in, go inside and reach the top!
Out - Be decisive and say "no". Quit it when you think the situation is not right. Just turn it OFF. Or SMASH it. Out, it's another wisdom - not to mean give up, but find something else new, start afresh.

Most of the time, we are trapped in between - in or out. In the end, we reserve our energy, feeling , effort etc. This is a waste of time because we lost. As if a zombie, days pass but when asked: what have you done? the standard answer: i don't know. Some rather fool themselves, I am patiently waiting for something to happen. Well, waiting and waiting. Repeating day after day routine. In the end, you forget what you are waiting and even the opportunity comes, you miss it.

How sad! And seriously, i am trapped..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Growing personality

People do change with time flies, don't they?

I have seen a photo by contrasting both a kid and an old man - the innocent laugh of the child and the serious face of the wrinkled face. The more you grow, the more things carried upon your shoulder, forcing the creation of wrinkles. People at our age, especially those who has stepped into the working industry, who can always show the most real and innocent face to everybody?? Has you been in the midst of anger surrounding, but still curving your lips into the lovely "smile" shape which expresses courtesy and politeness. Has you been cursing somebody (normally the superior) deep inside the heart but the actual words coming out from the mouth were compliment and exciting exclaimation? How true! How real! We are taught to be polite (especially asians), hardly say no and showing the real self in front of others. It's just so "kurang ajar". For people who has been under education (ajaran), what we should behave is behave yourself!

Sometimes, a lot of the times, I really feel i wanna find my tantrums and throw it to those I was angry with. But my guilt and regret and seft pitiness are always greater than my anger. So I end up in self-blaming and in consequences lowering self-esteem. What's my value? Why I keep doing the stupid idiot mistake? Am I really the dummy?

Well, I really hope I could be more relaxed and put my nerve into the standard mode.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


It has been a while since I stop posting anything on blog. No doubt there is phobia for being more careful this time, which the words could kill (any relationship).

Some updates of myself noticeable: growing, with more stable mentality and quieter personality.

I sincerely wish this growth will continue and reach a certain level where by I could say I am independent and well-rounded.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Touch the World

It's going to be tough...but i am determined. That's my dream all the while and now i am going to realize it - the solo journey.

Slinging a light luggage, with a diary and i go to explore. It's going to my adventure, my memory.

Monday, April 26, 2010

quiz of the day

What is it behind a in front of a woman but behind of a cow?

The answer is .......................


"W" oman
co "W"

I've got it right.
Have you?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quiz of the Day

What is the difference between the lady in the church and the lady in the bathroom?
The answer is:

Woman in the church: the soul full of hope
Woman in the bathroom: the hole full of soap

Sorry, it's just a crap joke.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Woman's World

Was spending my whole off-day in the library, poking my nose into a small simple book entitled: A Woman's World.

It's a book about the solo travels of women, their stories and experiences, very motivating and intriguing.

It's true to say that there is much difference between the creatures from Mars and Venus. From the book, i agree that a woman's journey is varied from a man's even thought some routes taken. Women are more to relationship and empathy to some little things around them. While men are more to maps, directions, picture snapping etc. Yet, generally, it takes more courage for a woman to step on a solo journey as women often to be viewed as vulnerable and needed protection.

Come on, we are not weak. We can be strong and enjoy our freedom as much as we wish to. But first and foremost, to step on own foot, you need to know carry your own baggage and weight. It's a meaningful quote from the book. Not only mean that you must be physically capable to carry your luggage on your own, you must be mentally able to carry the responsibility and risk following you.

Instead, women can enjoy a lot of privilege. That is true. But many of the times, a principle must be there so that we are not being drifted by the different cultures and trends when traveling.

Well, come out from your comfort zones and venture out!